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【PRODUCT】Hollow Wall Anchor/ Molly anchor/ Cavity anchor

Hollow wall anchor

hollow wall anchor Molly

hollow wall anchor-one body

Hollow wall anchor Driver

Hollow wall anchor with O hook

hollow wall anchor with C hook

hollow wall anchor with L hook


What is hollow wall anchor?

Hollow wall anchor is an expansion installation fastener which was patented in 1934, a perfect drywall fixing and also with trade name “Molly”. This perfect drywall anchor starts be popular anchor in Europe because of its lip wider than the hole and prevents it from falling behind the wall and rotating when being compressed.


What is the difference between Joker's hollow wall anchor and others? 

From 1984, Joker started producing OEM for Molly anchor, and Joker innovation stamping technique with its nut part decrease the produce cost from replacing the time consumer/ high cost of milling method. This is how JOKER start its business, we call hollow wall anchor is our “mother”.

From more than 35 years, we have done more than 6 versions cavity anchor in structure improving for its stable expansion installation structure. We didn’t satisfy the original molly structure, because the space remaining between sleeve and screw may cause the cavity anchor bending and damage during the shipment and packing, it will loss its expansion function and cause the drywall damage, but user never knows because hollow wall anchor is expansion installed behind the wall.

From the many anchor products developing, our stamping technical getting better and better, in 2006, the stamping technical good enough to achieve the perfect structure in Mr. Pang Ching Huang mind, “WUGA TYPE” hollow wall anchor.

Unlike traditional hollow wall/ molly anchors in the market with sharp contact could easily stabbing through the plasterboard by end users, Taiwan JOKER's Wuga type molly wall anchor would open with perfectly surface contact prevents the plasterboard from broken while end users over strength using tools easily owing to the blind site setting.

We also improving the produce process to decrease the produce cost make our customers in higher market competition. However, from the development experience, we realize the welding make much stronger than one-body stamping design, although the one-body price is lower but JOKER decide to follow the welding process for its better and stable function. 100% made in Taiwan, please come to challenge us.


How much weight can hollow wall anchors hold? 

Hollow wall anchor can hold a impressive amount of weight comparing to other drywall fastener. In drywall system, cavity anchor of M4 sizes can hold from 10~12 Kgf (safe value) and M5/M6 sizes are  from 12 to 20 Kgf, all are depend on the grip range and base density difference. Please contact us for more detail.   


How many sizes of hollow wall anchor that Joker can supply?

No matter metric and inch system of molly anchor, we all can supply for your different demands. Metric sizes 4x21, 4x32, 4x38, 4x46, 4x54, 4x59, 5x37, 5x52, 5x65, 5x80, 6x37, 6x52, 6x65, 6x80, 8x37, 8x55, 8x65 and 8x80. Inch sizes 1/8XS, 1/8S, 1/8Lm 1/8XL, 3/16S, 3/16L, 3/16XL, 1/4S, 1/4L and 1/4XL hollow wall anchor. 


What kinds of types that Joker can supply?

Hollow Hollow wall anchor with drive, hollow wall anchor with L hook, hollow wall anchor with C hook, hollow wall anchor with O hook and normal type. 


How to install hollow wall anchor ?

Drill a hole pound the hollow wall anchor in, and then put the screw in, it is done. Please refer to the famous DIY website Ultimate Handyman use our Wuga type hollow wall anchor/molly wall anchor with the special anti-collapse design to show how to install hollow wall anchor/molly anchor.   


Why insist welding process for JOKER hollow wall anchor ?

The one body design cavity anchor without welding easy to cause main part separate with cap or nut. Hollow wall anchor is a blind installation behind the plaster wall, it is hard to know is it work well or not behind the plasterboard. Joker take serious about the safety, we make sure every parts work well, expansion well, assembling well, all designs is for customers safety life. Coming to contact us, you will know better about it. 

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molly_(fastener)

Hollow wall molly anchor, made by the professional fastener manufacturer JOKER


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